Gallé no Mori Art Museum

Art Museum in Myokensan Park. The museum exhibits a collection of artworks by Émile Gallé, a 19th century glasswork artist who was dubbed the “magician of glass”. Naruto’s landscape seen from the lounge on the second floor is also a sight to behold.

【TEL】 088-684-4445
【Business hours】 10:00~15:30
【Regular holiday】 Thursday/New Year Holidays
【Fee】 Adult ¥800; Student ¥500 ★Group Discount: Adult ¥600; Student ¥300
・About 20 minutes walk from JR Naruto Station
・Board local bus (Kitasako Line) at JR Naruto Station → Get off at Myokensan Park → Walk for 5 minutes
・About 10 minutes by car from Naruto IC, Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway
【Address】 Hayasaki Kitatono, Muya-cho, Naruto-shi

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