Matsuura Sake Brewery

This sake brewery is over 200 years old and continues to produce the “Naruto Tai” refined sake. They invented “nigori plum wine”, “fog making method”, and in recent years they produce and sell various Japanese liqueur such as sudachi liquor and Naruto kintoki potato shochu.
You can enjoy sake tasting in addition to seeing the process of making Naruto Tai that originated in Naruto, rice milling, preparation, and storage. Minors and drivers are not able to taste the sake.


【Business hours】9:00~18:00

【Regular holiday】Uncertain Holidays

【Fee】Indigo dyeing Experience
               Handkerchief squeeze dyeing: 1,000 yen

【Access】About 20 minutes by car from the Naruto IC

【Address】Hamada-82-1 Oasacho Ikenotani, Naruto


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