Iseya Noujou (farm)

Iseya is a facility that both offers you the ability to buy fresh local produce at the farmers' market, as well as enjoying strawberry and pear picking at the adjacent fruits farm.
From January to May, you can taste many different strawberries, such as the popular Beni-Hoppe. The facility is spacious and adjusted to make it accessible to small children or people in a wheelchair.

Iseya Noujou (farm)
【TEL】088-602-7415  0120-01-7415(Reservation-only dial)
【Business hours】Strawberry picking January~End of May / 10:00~17:00(Last entry until 16:00)
【Regular holiday】Irregular
【Fee】Adult(13 y/o+)2,200 yen(January~24th of April)/1,900 yen(24th of April~)
    7 - 12 y/o  1,650 yen(January~24th of April) 1,500 yen(24th of April~)
    3 y/o+  1,320 yen(January~24th of April) 1,200 yen(24th of April~)
    0 y/o~2 y/o Free of cost
    ※Prices displayed include consumption tax(40 min all-you-can-eat)
・7 min by car on Kobe Awaji Naruto Motorway from "Matsushige smart IC"
・15 min by car from JR Naruto Station
・10 min by car from Tokushima Awaodori Airport
【Address】Naruto, Oasacho Higashiumazume, Nibangoshi−8−1

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