RV Park Naruto Tennen Onsen Aratae-no-Yu


The second parking of this hot spring facility allows you to overnight in your car. It isn't only okay to sleep in your car, but there are many facilities to make this a comfortable experience. Toilet available 24/7, 100V power supply, and garbage disposal are only a few of them!

  • RVパーク
  • RVパーク
  • RVパーク

RV Park Naruto Tennen Onsen Aratae-no-Yu
  【Recption】 8:00~10:00 / 20:00~23:00
         088-676-2611(Naruto Tennen Onsen Aratae-no-Yu)
【Business hours】
   Check-in 10:00~23:00
   Check-out    ~10:00
   ※Reservation required(If space is available, reservations can be made on the day of arrival)
   ※Reservations are accepted 3 months in advance(Reservations can be made on the day of arrival if empty spaces are available)
   ※Look below to confirm time and place for reservations
   20:00~23:00(Naruto Tennen Onsen Aratae-no-Yu Reception)
【Regular holiday】
   Once a month
   ※ Check the respective websites of Narumimaru and Naruto Tennen Onsen Aratae-no-Yu
  - Plan with electricity (5m x 7m section) 1 night 2,500 yen/1 car
  - Plan with electricity (6m x 10m section) 1 night 3,000 yen/1 car
  - No electricity plan (5m x 7m section) 1 night 2,000 yen/1 car
  - No electricity plan (6m x 10m section) 1 night 2,500 yen/1 car
   *There are special benefits and advantageous plans.
  ・10 min by car on Kobe Awaji Naruto Motorway from "Naruto-kita IC"
  ・10 min by car from JR Naruto Station
【Address】Kitanohama-8-2 Muyacho Okuwajima, Naruto

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