Naruto Product House

We have a large selection of confections and local sake that use Naruto specialty products such as “lotus root”, “wakame”, “Naruto kintoki” and “sudachi”.
Among these gifts we recommend the mug and tea cup “Otani ware” that is acknowledged as a Japanese traditional handicraft, bamboo dolls, tabi, scarfs, pouches and accessories dyed with Tokushima Prefecture’s traditional craft “indigo dyeing”.


Business hours9:00~17:00

Regular holidayNew Years Holidays


· About 15 minutes by car from the Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway "Naruto North" IC

· About 8 minutes on foot from the JR Naruto Station

AddressHigashihama-165-10 Muyacho Minamihama, Naruto

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