2019.03.25 Pilgrimage (Ryozenji Temple・Gokurakuji Temple)

In recent years it has become popular to pilgrimage to different power spots to trace the footsteps of Kobo Daishi (Kukai) and visit 88 temples. It has been more than 1,200 years since the opening of the 88 temples in Shikoku.
The number one Buddhist temple in Shikoku is the “Ryozenji Temple” which is the starting point. Here, you can appreciate things like the pagoda where the Five Tathagatas are enshrined, the fountain pond where the high-end carp swim, and the thirteen Buddha statues. The second place, “Gokurakuji Temple”, has a garden that looks like paradise when passing through the red lacquered temple gate, and has a Daishi statue known as “Anzan Daishi”.