2023.05.31 2023 Naruto Summer Evening Firework Display & 2023 Naruto Awa-Odori

After a long four-year period of waiting, Naruto’s summer highlight festivals “Summer Evening Firework Display” and “Awa-Odori” are being held once again!
After enjoying a magnificent 7000 shot firework display at a cool summer evening, the jaunty rhythm of the “Yoshikono” (Awa-Odori song) invites visitors to become “dancing fools” and take part in this unique folkdance.
(1)Naruto Summer Evening Firework Display
  【Time】 August 7th from 7:45 PM until 8:50 PM
  【Place】 Shinsui-Koen Park at the Muya-Gawa Riverside
(2)Naruto Awa-Odori
  【Time】 from August 9th until August 11th, from 7 PM until 10 PM respectively
  【Place】 special dance stages close to train station “JR Naruto”
(3)Hatsu-odori (first dance)
  【Time】 August 9th
  【Place】 Naruto Park, Senjoujiki Observation Deck

For details please refer to the official event homepage (鳴門市阿波おどり・納涼花火大会公式サイト)