Roadside Station "The Ninth Village" Product House

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was performed for the first time in Asia here. This product house is the dismantled and reconstructed “barracks” building in the Bando War Camp and is a designated as a tangible cultural property of Japan.
They sell various specialty products such as Naruto kintoki and sudachi at this product house.

Roadside Station "The Ninth Village" Product House


Business hours9:00~17:00

Regular holidayEver 4th Monday,End of the year (December 28 – 31)


· 10 minutes by car from the Takamatsu Expressway “Itano” IC

· From JR Naruto Station take the Route Bus Taima Line→Get off at the “German House”

· About 25 minutes on foot from the JR Bando Station, about 5 minutes by taxi

AddressHigashiyamada-53 Oasachohinoki, Naruto

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