Yomomi Observation Deck・Heart-shaped Island "Kagashima"


Located on the "Naruto Skyline" drive course, where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery while being surrounded by the sea and mountains, and also the magnificent view of the Uchinoumi Sea, which is shaped like a fishing shop.
We have installed a panoramic signboard that describes the scenery that can be seen from the observatory and the name of the place.
We recently learned that Kagamijima, an uninhabited island in Uchinoumi, Naruto City, looks like a heart shape when view it from above. The view point is the Naruto Skyline Yomomi Observation Deck. However, we can see Kagamijima very cleary, but unfortunately we cannot see the shape of the heart from the observatory.
Currently, a guide signboard is installed that explains the view from the Yomomi Observatory, and the signboard has a QR code that allows you to watch a video of Kagamijima taken by a drone.
There are various theories about the heart-shaped island, but when the ancient country was small, Emperor Jinmu, who looked at the country from the top of the mountain, wrote that this country was "Akitsu no toname no sashimi'' (just like the mating of dragonflies). The topography looks like a mating dragonfly (heart shape), and Naruto is positioned as an important land in Manyoshu, so it is said that there is a heart-shaped topography somewhere in Naruto.
We hope that the heart-shaped island of Kagamijima will become a scenic spot where you be able to relax. In addition, Kagamijima is an island where the Ryugu Festival (a ritual to pray for safety at sea and a big catch) is held once a year.
Moreover, the area around Kagamishima is a thriving fishing industry, with many farming and fishing rafts and boats sailing frequently.

  • 四方見展望台・ハートの島「鏡島」
  • 四方見展望台・ハートの島「鏡島」
  • 四方見展望台・ハートの島「鏡島」

Yomomi Observation Deck・Heart-shaped Island "Kagashima"
【Business hours】Freely use
【Access】About 10 minutes by car from Naruto Kita Interchange (inside Naruto Skyline)
【Address】Nakashimada Higashiyama, Seto Town, Naruto-shi

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